Aave Liquidation Notifier

Get notified via email or text when your collateral value drops too low!

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
When your health factor on Aave is less than 1.15 (very close to liquidation) you will get either an email or sms notification to top up your account at around 8AM PST and 5PM PST each day
Which aave protocols does the notification service support?
Currently the notifier supports aave v2 on ethereum & polygon
Is my contact details safe?
Yes, although we use a database, your info is never shared or used other than to notify you. In a new version of aave notifier we may work on a mobile app so that no email/phone numbers will be needed to notify you
Is there a way to use the notifier without providing email or phone number?
We are hoping to work on a version that does not require this info in the future through a mobile app (notifications through in-app notifications instead of sms/email). However at the moment we only have sms/email
Is this project related to Aave org/Aave dao?
This project is sponsored by the Aave Grants program. Details here.
Who is behind this project?
This project is maintained by @realstevenli. The code for the app is will be open sourced here after app audits and testing but any user data is fully private and encrypted on our servers and not accessible
Can I delete my data?
Yes, when you no longer want to use this service, you can delete your data anytime. If you wish to have a full wipe of any data from our database, just email us at aavenotifier@gmail.com and we will do that for you